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Frequently Asked Questions











Why is there green paint in my yard? 


Before anyone digs in the ground they are required by law to call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS). When OUPS is contacted they in turn contact all utilities in the proposed project area to mark the location of their facilities. The Sewer Department uses green paint to mark its sewer lines. This service reduces the risk of sewer service being disrupted. DONíT FORGET TO CALL OUPS WHEN YOU ARE BEGINNING A PROJECT AROUND THE HOUSE THAT INVOLVES DIGGING IN THE GROUND.


What is smoke testing? 


Smoke testing is a process used to identify any illegal sewer connections. Foundation drains, sump pump discharges, downs spouts, yard drains, and other sources of non-wastewater not to be connected to the house sewer line and are considered illegal connections. During smoke testing the sewer collection line is blocked at the manhole and smoke blown into the line with a fan. If there are no illegal connections the only place smoke will exit is the building roof vents. If there is an illegal connection smoke will exit from that connection. For example, if a down spout is tied into the sewer line smoke will billow from the down spout. These illegal connections can quickly cause system overflows.


What should I do when the alarm sounds on my grinder pump?


You should immediately call the Sewer Department at 452-4940 and describe the problem.