Sewer Sense . . .

Sewer Sense


Sewer Sense is a discussion of various aspects of the wastewater industry and how individual citizens can help protect the environment.


Disposing of Drugs Properly It is no longer acceptable to flush drugs, vitamins, and supplements into the sewer system. The wastewater treatment process does not remove all the many different drugs, vitamins, and supplements that are used by the population, therefore any of these substances that are not captured in the treatment process are being discharged to the surface water. The latest guidance on the safe disposal of drugs, vitamins, and supplements is contained in an Ohio Water Federation Association document. For more information on Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products and a link to the Federal prescription drug disposal guidelines, go to:


What not to Flush Many ordinary household items can cause havoc once inside the sewer collection system. Plastic accumulates in pump stations, rags clog pumps and become entangled in water level controls, etc. We have found strange things in the sewer that had to have been placed there on purpose, no we are not talking about wild animals. Items such as concrete blocks, 2 X 4s, pillows, towels, clothing, and non-mentionables. Please see this list of items not to flush from the North Davis Sewer District. Keeping problem items out of the system means the system will have less clogs and backups.


Have you seen the inside of a sewer line? We will be placing videos taken inside the sewer lines here for your viewing.


 Fats, Oil and Grease Fats, oil and grease are responsible for about half of all sewer backups. These backups are not only inconvenient, but can be very damaging to the sewer system and the users home or business. Get the correct information on proper disposal of fats, oil, and grease (FOG). This information can be printed and displayed in your facility.